What Makes YOU Come Alive?

The return of life and the light as we venture into Spring mirrors the life of the Wholeness Center.

Founded by Ariana Breganti and Kristin Giacopelli in 2016, the Wholeness Center was once a seed of a dream from 15 years ago. Both founders grew up in Valley Cottage, the Center’s home. A place that has become fertile ground for a garden, an ecosystem of wellness, that came alive within our community.

This is your soil, your fertile ground. We encourage you to join us as kindred souls who need a sense of inner peace. For those of you who are on a path of consciousness, join us to focus on inner growth. Learn to voice a language not yet known or yet understood by you.

The Wholeness Center came alive in Ariana’s garden during discussions of ideas, philosophies, life struggles and triumphs. We knew our skills, our understanding and perspectives to bring more light, more joy, more fulfillment to the world had to be shared with the community.

Now the Wholeness Center is finally ripe – it’s an emotional garden, a sacred space, for individual and community growth, encompassing and intertwining body, mind and spirit. The Whole interconnects the mind/body/spirit into our unique and luxurious ecosystem.

Since opening the Wholeness Center in late 2016, our space has grown and evolved, with participants and practitioners who share and inspire.

“What is burning in YOUR soul?”

“What makes YOU come alive?”

Our practitioners deliver their offerings, which radiate and inspire our clients and customers. Their unique needs and dreams come alive in a warm and nurturing environment. Even with only one level completed, so many people have benefitted from starting a journey with us.

Looking forward, drop by to see the progress of the other two levels in the coming months. As we expand our space, we are expanding our offerings.

Join us as we continue to create a luxurious home for wellness and wholeness in all its facets. Start to strive for your own experience of wholeness, elevating yourself to thriving in your life. Our doors are open. Come meet our practitioners who will support your unique path.

The Wholeness Center provides a wholehearted, thoughtful way to bring wellbeing into the reality of your own experience. Our dream has come alive. We are here to help.

This is your garden. Welcome to this Spring season and beyond...

With love in our hearts and hopes to grow in community together,

Kristin Giacopelli & Ariana Breganti

Co-Founders of Wholeness Center

Kristin Giacopelli