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Saturday Jan 21, 2017 

12:00 - 1:15pm

Intro Price $30

The Butterfly is a symbol of transformation. The Butterfly hug is one of a few methods of Bilateral Stimulation-Tapping In-that has evolved from a psychotherapy called EMDR. In this workshop, you will learn Tapping In as a way to calm yourself,release some negative emotions that you are part of anxiety or depression. You will feel more centered, you will have a greater sense of safety, you will anchor in more positive feelings. This is a very specific technique using personal positive imagery to enable you to activate your healing resources. You will then be able to call them up as needed to transform some uncomfortable feelings. The EFT method of tapping acupressure points will not be covered in this particular workshop.

Facilitated by...... Irene Fahlander LCSW

To register contact The Wholeness Center at (845)268-7532 or