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A Violet Alchemy® Cacao Chant Ceremony for Reconnection

Friday evening

7:00pm - 9 :15pm


Does your heart feel heavy and carry burdens? Are you ready to rise up to make a difference ?
Join us to receive and partake in this sacred evening of healing, expansion and empowerment.
Let us begin with creating a shift within, raising our consciousness, supporting the embodiment of peace.


A Violet Alchemy® Cacao Chant Ceremony for Reconnection

A Sacred Cacao Ascension Ceremony of Reconnection & Empowerment- Facilitated by Ama’zjhi/Dona Ho Lightsey, Celestial sound Shaman & creator of Violet Alchemy® Healing.
With Guest Singer Musicians, Dahlia Bartz Cabe on Guitar, Molly McCarthy Tweedy on frame Drum.

Invocation to the Ancestors, Ancient Ones, Enlightened Masters/Mothers and Archangels to anchor in a portal allowing access to higher dimensions of light and love for the purpose of personal and planetary evolution .
Prayers and Songs to create a bridge between Mother Earth and Father Sky~
Raw Organic Cacao Elixir is served (drinking it is OPTIONAL) in a 3 oz. dose to support the opening of the Heart, along with singing of Sacred Chants.
Together we weave songs of Love, Peace and Empowerment through 3 part harmony. We will continue to lift the Energy of Light and love with each ChantSong we sing together, with all of you,in between each Empowerment of Divine Transmission.
The Violet Alchemy® Empowerments are divine gifts from the archangels and Enlightened masters of higher light frequencies to support the Expansion of our Bodies of Light. Each Ceremony delivers 4-5 Empowerments.
These gifts are dispensed through Languages of light and transmissions of Divine Rays and Shakti Frequencies, and engaging with the Breath in a conscious intentional way to create the energetic shifts …

Molly McCarthy Tweedy is an LCSW, CASAC-T,DONA-Certified Doula, JourneyDance™ Certified Guide, Violet Alchemy ® Trainee, Songwriter , Frame Drummer and Ordained Minister. She is passionate about assisting others through their journey of healing, and has offered an array of therapeutic modalities to her counseling practice for nearly 20 years. Molly is a health educator and oversees the Young Living department at the Wholeness Center in Vally cottage , NY. She began building her vocal and frame drumming skills in 2007, has been performing ever since and was featured on Amy McTear’s Album Naraya in 2010. She enjoys utilizing her creative vision and collaborating with other artists to inspire the Collective Consciousness.

Dahlia Bartz- Cabe is a sacred singer songwriter, a Meditation counselor, Interfaith Minister and Certified Leader of Dances of Universal Peace. She has more than 35 years experience working with groups and individuals to help melt the barriers that inhibit the Joyful expression of life. It is her great delight to bring meditation and sacred song into peoples’s ceremonies and celebrations. Her private meditation counseling practice is intuitive, empathetic and compassionate whether in person or by phone. she can be reached through

Dona Ho Lightsey, LMT, IET Master, is Certified Sound Healer and Celestial Sound Shaman bringing 30 years of experience as a Master Energy Healer. She is the Creator of Violet Achemy® Healing, Cleansing and Empowerment, and the Shakti M power Path. She is a Divine Voice channel for the Enlightened Masters and Archangels leading Sacred Ceremonies and teaching workshops for Higher Consciousness. Dona Ama’zjhi is a Spiritual Mentor of the Divine University and teacher of Mystery Schools which includes Ancient Wisdom and New Education for the Spiritual Seeker and Initiate. Through her private healing sessions and as JourneyDance™ guide, she opens the path for others to be their own healer.

Please contact the Wholeness Center with any questions at (845)268-7532

Enter through lower level side door

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