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Fertile Soil

May 21, 2017 

3:00pm - 5:00pm

$35 Pre-Registration (ends 1 week before event)

$45 Thereafter

Fertile Soil -  A workshop on learning how to prepare for utmost fertility and prenatal health.

We will learn all about:

  • How preconception work and preparing the body for pregnancy can increase your chances of not only getting pregnant easier but maintaining a healthy pregnancy and having a healthy baby
  • How to prepare the body or till the “fertile soil” and greatly increase your fertility, through diet, BBT charting, visualization / meditation, lifestyle modifications and how Chinese medicine can also help
  • When to start preparing and what if we are already trying?

  • Periods and when they might be imbalanced and how you can help your hormones get back into balance

  • Demystifying Natural fertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology ( IUI, IVF, Clomid, etc)

Dr. Lauren Dulberg is a Fertility Expert, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine and Board Certified Herbalist. She specializes in Women’s Health, Emotional Wellness and Internal medicine and has recently moved back to Nyack from Buenos Aires where she is in private practice and also practices in  NYC at the YinOva Center which is a center that is focused around fertility and women’s health. Lauren comes from a place where she strongly believes that one’s healing needs to be through deep nourishment of the spirit and by alleviating not only the suffering of the body but also the heart.


Please Contact the Wholeness Center with any questions at (845)268-7532


Enter through lower level side door




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