Creating space for people to come together awakens us to ancestral knowledge as well as moves us into a future that supports our collective purpose.

In our hearts, we believe that circle is everything.  Coming together around a shared intention creates magic, power, and support.  Whether it’s around a creative project, a meditation, a celebration, or a corporate retreat, first and foremost,  We use the philosophy of ‘Circle’ as guidance for each experience.  The intention is that we work together as a group, lift each other up, and encourage each other to reach our highest potential. When we sit in Circle (literally or figuratively) we form a connection that is energetically unbreakable, we shift away from the paradigm of hierarchy, and allow our collective energy to flow through the group.





I believe that we are all creative beings and we can all benefit from tapping into our creative spirits. In my circles, we use the creative process as a vehicle for personal awareness, spiritual growth, and self expression. Whether you're in the mood for a light hearted evening out with friends or a deepening experience of self exploration and guided mediation. working with your hands invites you to stay present and connected. You need not be an artist to create!



Self Exploration Through Creativity


In these circles, we draw on the universal language of images, emotion, and energy. Using creative mediums, the group will explore deeper topics individually and collaboratively.  Beginning with guided channeled healing meditations, we will open our own channels of creation and hold space for each individual to connect deeper with themselves to gain insight and inspiration.  

With a background in channeled energy healing, therapeutic recreation as well as creative art therapy, I present the group with a variety of creative exploration directives and let their inner child do the rest. Creativity is our birthright and it is a pure and raw way to allow healing to enter the body and release old patterns. When we open up to creative self-expression, we are reaching beyond words, beyond logic.  That is when we reach our true essence, our higher self, and that is where the fun begins!  






The circle holds space for inspiration, expansion and connection. It's a place for us to gather together. At a time when the world seems to move faster and faster--when there's always something to be done, something next on our schedules--the circle offers us a unique opportunity to slow down and reconnect. 

With hands busy on fun and fulfilling activities, attention focused on the present moment, our minds slow down and open up. Creative expression in all forms allows for meaningful inner work or simply letting the mind wander.

Busy hands, open hearts. 

These circles offer a unique night out with friends or come alone and meet new ones! 

Open up to your creativity in a fun, social, non-judgmental environment. Each gathering will offer a craft project for individuals to sit together and create their own unique piece.  

All materials are included, step by step instruction provided, no experience necessary, coffee and tea is on us, you can also BYOB and BYOSnacks! Join our circle for a fun, empowering, and inspiring night out! We can’t wait to circle up with you!

Blessingways with Rachael

Blessingways are a beautiful way to honor a new mother or bride as she experiences this significant rite of passage. We create a warm and nurturing environment filled with joy and beautiful ritual to honor these incredible women.Personalize a day or half day retreat to fit your groups needs.  We provide a beautiful, nurturing space, facilitation of group activities, catering, and spa options.  

Private parties

Choose from a wide variety of crafts, jewelry, and DIY projects for your group to enjoy.  

Each guest will go home with a beautiful creation of their own.

Creative Circles are a unique way to celebrate, or simply bring friends and family together.

Some inspiration:

  • Create your own Mala necklace
  • Silk scarf or pillow case painting
  • Collaborative mosaic mirror
  • Inspirational quote art
  • Make your own dream catcher
  • The possibilities are endless! 


Ceremonies and ritual

It would be our honor to create sacred space, ritual, and ceremony for your private event.  Sacred ceremonies are a way our ancestors celebrated and honored special milestones in the journey of life.  Circle Ceremonies are a unique way to celebrate your special day.

  • Blessingways
  • Honoring the bride and or groom
  • Baby naming and welcoming
  • Birthday milestones
  • Circles for healing light and support
  • Women’s circles
  • Adoption ceremony


Creative mornings at Wholeness Center are a relaxed playgroup for both adults and children.


These mornings are a time to connect with other parents, share and support while exploring creative activities. Mixed age groups allow for a natural environment where older kids will have a chance to model and younger kids will be able to form friendships outside of their age groups.

We will gently focus on mindfulness, building empathy, and self-expression.

Activities will alternate between fun creative projects. Each week will have its own unique activities and also space to relax and drink a cup of coffee or tea with friends. The craft will be geared towards both adults and kids.

Think of it as your home away from home! Coffee, Tea and healthy smoothies for all!!



Personalize a day or half day retreat to fit your groups needs. We provide a beautiful, nurturing space, facilitation of group activities, catering, and spa options.  

  • Corporate retreats
  • Private retreats
  • Creative exploration
  • Guest speakers
  • Spa and massage options

Events + intimate performances

We love to co-create beautiful events to share your gifts with the community. Whether it's a book signing or a poetry reading, we will work with you to make it a memorable experience. 

  • Poetry Readings
  • Intimate Concerts
  • Book Signing
  • Private Events