Mission: To guide men into deeper connection with themselves and their world for the purpose of living powerful, consciously awake, and service filled lives... We do this through transformational programs, coaching and counseling.

All men arrive at a point in their adult life where they could use a boost.

A boost can come in the form of a simple change of perspective, picking up some practices that improve awareness, or even finding a deeper reason for doing the things you do.


Signature Men’s Ongoing OfferinG

Open Deep and True

Introduction to Men’s Work


Join Director of Men’s Programs Tom Kelley for an introduction into the world of Men’s Work.

Check the schedule for the next introduction workshop or call Wholeness Center for more information. 845-268-7532

The structure and practices of a Men’s Group will be explained, demonstrated and demystified, making this an ideal event for a man with little to no experience in “Men’s Work” 

Men who take this workshop will leave with practices and learnings that will energize and deepen their lives and meet other “dedicated to their own growth” men along the way.


"If you don’t initiate your young men into the tribe, they will burn down the village just to feel the heat." 
- African proverb


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Pathfinders Program

Pathfinders for Boys: ages 10-13
For Boys Who Want to Learn The Way of the Path




PathFinders for Boys is for the curious boy who wants to learn more about life’s mysteries while cultivating honesty, openness, and fairness in his life. PFB teaches the new form of masculinity: powerful yet just, adventurous yet respectful. A dynamic, experiential training using body movement, games and lessons that boys can implement immediately in their lives.

Being a boy in today’s world is hard…

Do you want to be more like the action heroes in all the movies, but do it in your own unique life? Do you want to be a leader amongst your friends? Do you want to get more respect in your life? Then PFB might be the place for you.

We created PFB for the boy who wants adventure and is just starting to learn about how the world works. The boy who wants to learn to take action and step into his power while still retaining the playfulness that keeps life fun.

Young Pathfinders is a chance to bond with boys from all over the area, expanding their circle of well-rounded friends

Who is it for?

Boys ages 10-13…

What can your boy expect?

A safe, controlled environment where learning happens in a container of mutual respect
To laugh, to feel inspired, to experience the opposite of bored and zoned out
A place you can find yourself, say what you want to say and feel what you need to feel
An adventure to a land out beyond the place where you worry what people think of you, past those spots where people attack you, far away from where you are lonely and powerless
To be challenged – with care and commitment
To start to learn how to have tools and ninja skills to be the best you can be
To practice showing up and facing the uncomfortable and challenging things in life
A Transition and Integration Ceremony on Nov 18th to share his adventure with friends and family and move into this new phase in his life.


How will it happen?

  • Monday’s January 15 - March 19

    5:00pm - 6:15pm

    Graduation Ritual/ March 19 (Parents Welcome)
    5:00pm - 6:15pm

    Cost: $350 – Payment Plans available – $25 discount for each boy enrolling in the buddy system (two boys enrolling together)

    Facilitated by: Tom Kelley